Sunday, December 7, 2014

In Search of Christmas Spirit - Day 6

Day 6:  O Christmas Tree

As I drove home at 6:45 tonight having been out since 7:30 this morning, I was beginning to despair that I could come up with something Christmassy to do today.

I'd hoped that we'd be able to get our Christmas tree yesterday and that I'd be decorating it tonight, but even if the sketchy roads hadn't doubled our hockey drive time, the poor trees would have been full of snow and wet with rain.  To top it off, with my husband traveling for work this week, I knew that our next opportunity to get a tree would be the following weekend -- only 10 days before Christmas -- not exactly in keeping with my plan to increase my Christmas spirit.  Sigh.

But when I pulled into the driveway, there in the glow of the garage Christmas lights (see Day 4:  Exterior Illumination), I could just make out the shape of a Christmas tree in the back of my husband's truck.

With my daughter and I otherwise engaged, my husband and two boys had taken it upon themselves to venture out into the dark and cold (17° to be exact) to pick out a tree.

"It's a  Fraser Fir!" my husband exclaimed when I walked in the door.

And now that Fraser Fir is standing in the corner of our family room, and as it melts, its branches are gradually opening up and the room smells like Christmas.

It may not be the tallest tree and it does have one slightly wonky branch, but it's beautifully full, tomorrow it will be ready to decorate, and hey, at least the star will fit on top without any trouble!

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  1. Large kudos to the husband and sons. I'm all a-tingle with this grand gesture and wondering if it might just be the highlight of the search for Christmas spirit - in fact, if it may BE Christmas spirit itself!


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