Sunday, August 21, 2016

Quilting with T-shirts

Happy and relieved today because yesterday I taught my first quilting class at the Upper Valley Food Co-op's Sew-op and it was great!  Phew! 

The class was called "Quilting with T-shirts" and the idea was to learn tips and techniques for quilting with t-shirts (just call me "Captain Obvious"), while making a pillow.  Here's a look at the sample:

During the class, we learned how to evaluate t-shirts, plan pieced block designs, prep and stabilize t-shirts, and cut them up and sew them back together.

We worked on piecing blocks, not only to learn how to work with the t-shirt material, but also because you can't always count on uniformity in t-shirt or logo size when making a t-shirt quilt.  Inevitably, you'll have to frame logos or fill in with fabric to make blocks the same size.

And sometimes, you'll want to include smaller logos, messages, team names, etc. within a single block,  Knowing how to piece t-shirt quilt blocks gives you unlimited flexibility and design opportunities.

And if you fall in love with the look and feel of stabilized t-shirt material like I did, you may even want to forgo the logos occasionally in favor of t-shirt patchwork...

This was such a fun class to teach because beyond a few basic techniques, there really are no rules.  All of my students got to try their hand at design and their results were as unique and full of personality as the women themselves!

Here's Jess, Sam, Esther, and Jerri holding up samples of their work:

Thank you, ladies, for making my first experience teaching quilting one I'll never forget!