Monday, September 16, 2013

Stop Sewing Machine Cruelty

This morning, as I was driving my son to school in the rain, I was shocked to see this on the side of the road:

By the time I was able to get back with my camera, the rain had stopped, but the scene was no less sad.

(cue the melancholy music, I'm thinking Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" -- ♪ In the arms of the angel ♫...)

This innocent sewing machine probably put in years of faithful service, stitching countless curtains, pillows, Halloween costumes and quilts -- never complaining, always chugging along.  Maybe its tension wasn't what it used to be.  Maybe it had slowed down a bit or made the occasional funny noise.  Maybe it didn't have the fancy features of a newer, younger machine.

But did it deserve this end?  Abandoned on the side of the road.  Left out in the cold and rain without regard for its delicate metal parts -- a crude, hastily made cardboard sign its only monument.

Isn't it finally time to stop sewing machine cruelty?