Sunday, December 21, 2014

In Search of Christmas Spirit - Day 20

Day 20 - Family Party

I'm just about to head off to bed after our family Christmas party.  Spending time with my family, eating (too much) delicious food, playing games, and exchanging gifts made today the best day yet for my Christmas spirit.  In fact, I even listened to Christmas music for the first time since Thanksgiving!  I'm definitely recovering from peaking too soon.

I'd be perfectly happy tonight if I hadn't just looked at my kitchen and floors on the way to write this post.  Disaster.  Sort of wondering why we even bothered to clean in the first place.  I think the smart thing to do is to turn off the lights and go upstairs and pretend that the kitchen doesn't exist because I simply can't face cleaning up tonight.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?!

But before I go, here's an idea for a game that the kids played at our party tonight.  It's called "Pass the Present" and I learned about it at my book club party last week.  It's kind of like musical chairs, but with a gift.  First wrap a small gift over and over with different wrapping papers or even newspaper.  You should wrap the present at least 15 times.  Then play music while the players pass the present from person to person.  Stop the music and whoever ends up holding the present unwraps a layer of paper.  Continue on in the same manner through all of the layers of paper.  The person who unwraps the last layer of paper keeps the gift.  I don't know who enjoyed the game more, the kids playing or the adults watching!

Just a few days to go!!

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