Friday, December 11, 2015

Peace on Earth - A Mystery Quilt - Day 6

Welcome back!  Today is Day 6 and we're making Double Pinwheel blocks.  No half square triangles today, I promise!!!

Here's what the Double Pinwheel block looks like:

And here's another EQ sketch of a Double Pinwheel block with a third color thrown in to give you an idea of how it's constructed:

The Double Pinwheel is a great block because you can achieve so many different looks just by moving the colors around.  See how the white in the block above looks like a white square in the background.  

Here's the same block with the blues reversed.  Notice how the white pinwheel seems to advance in this block because there isn't as much contrast between the white and the lighter blue vs. the darker blue.

And check out this coloration!  Moving the white to the outside in the block below really makes it look like a pinwheel.

So much fun!  But I digress.  The block we are working on today will look like this:

It's not quite as splashy with just two colors, but it does resemble a snowflake and that's what we're going for.  Here's how you make a Double Pinwheel Block:

For each of our three 3" x 3" (finished) Double Pinwheel Blocks, you'll need:

Dark Blue Print:
1 -- 2¾" x 2¾" square
2 -- 2" x 2" squares

Ivory Print:
1 -- 2¾" x 2¾" square

Sub-Cutting Instructions: 
1.  Cut all dark blue and ivory print 2¾" x 2¾" squares in half diagonally and in half diagonally again to form four triangles.
2.  Cut dark blue print 2" x 2" squares in half diagonally once to form two triangles.  

The following photo shows what patches you should have for each Double Pinwheel block:

Assemble Double Pinwheel Blocks:
1.  Each Double Pinwheel block will be assembled as a four-patch block.  Lay out one large dark blue print triangle (created in step 2 above), one smaller dark blue print triangle (created in step 1 above), and one ivory print triangle (created in step 2 above) as follows:

2.  Stitch together smaller dark blue print triangle and ivory triangle.  Press seam towards dark blue print.
3.  Stitch together above unit and larger dark blue print triangle to form one corner of each block.  Press seam towards dark blue print.  Trim unit to measure 2" x 2".
4.  Lay out four units created in steps 1-3 above as follows:

5.  Stitch units together in rows.  

6.  Stitch rows together.  Repeat to make three Double Pinwheel blocks that should measure 3½" x 3½" unfinished.

Lovely Double Pinwheel blocks all in a row.  Well done you!

One more day of piecing blocks and then we're moving on to something new -- can't wait!

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  1. What a great idea - sorry I came to late to the game but this looks like so much fun, I'm thinking of attempting it (probably be done for next Christmas!) Leisa


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