Monday, December 21, 2015

Peace on Earth - A Mystery Quilt - Day 11

It's Day 11 and today we're assembling our quilt tops!  Finally!!

You'll need to gather the components you've already made and cut just a few more patches/strips before we get started:

Dark Blue Print
4 -- 1¼" x 3½" (I cut mine from one fabric, but you can use different fabrics if you like)
4 -- 2" x 12½" (these should be cut from the same fabric if possible)

Here we go!

Peace on Earth Quilt Assembly:

1.  Lay out the three Friendship Stars from Day 1 as follows:

2.  Stitch together -- unit should measure 3½" x 9½".

3.  Lay out the 10 half square triangles and two 2" x 2" squares from Day 2 in rows as follows -- notice the placement of the lighter dark blue prints:

4.  Stitch together -- unit should measure 3½" x 9½".

5.  Lay out pine tree and cabin from Days 3 and 4 as follows:

6.  Stitch together and remove foundation paper from behind blocks -- unit should measure 6½" x 9½" (oops forgot the photo for that one, but you'll see what it looks like below!)

7.  Lay out the units from steps 1-6 as follows:

8.  Stitch together and pause to admire your work!  Quilt center should now measure 9½" x 12½".

9.  Lay out quilt center and four 2" x 12½" dark blue print strips (cut today) as follows:

10.  Stitch strips to left and right sides of quilt center first and then to top and bottom, pressing seams towards the dark blue print strips.  Now your quilt center should measure 12½" x 15½".

11.  Lay out your two Shoo Fly blocks (Day 5), three Double Pinwheel blocks (Day 6), and the four dark blue print 1¼" x 3½" rectangles that you cut today as follows:

12.  Stitch together -- unit should measure 3½" x 18½".

13.  And now, drum roll please..... lay out the quilt center, the unit you made in steps 11-12, the Sawtooth Star blocks from Day 7, and the wool appliqu√© components that you made on Days 8, 9, and 10 as follows:

14.  Almost there!!!  Stitch together the holly leaf/vine components and Sawtooth Star flying geese units to finish your side borders.  Then stitch together the "peace" wool appliqu√© component and the remainder of your Sawtooth Stars to make the bottom border.

14. Stitch side borders to quilt center -- quilt should now measure  15½" x 18½".

15.  And finally, stitch top and bottom borders to quilt which should now measure 18½" x 21½".

Ta-da!  You've finished your quilt top -- pretty, isn't it!  But the mystery is not yet fully solved.  Next time, I'll be revealing the finishing touches that really make this little quilt sing.

In the meantime, pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a glass of wine -- although not simultaneously, that might get messy.  Well done!

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  1. Jen ~ The quilt is so beautiful! I can't wait to start on mine after the holidays. Thank you so much for doing this mystery quilt along. Have a Merry Christmas!! Jackie


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