Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Thrill of Victory

This is my 10-year old son minutes after his team won their hockey tournament this past weekend.  The victory was made all the sweeter because after moving up a level following a few initial wins, his team struggled and lost game after game right up until the end of the season.  After a particularly difficult loss, their coach (actually my husband -- don't let this go to your head, honey) talked to the kids about putting the 14 losses behind them and making a fresh start.  The idea of a "new season" clicked for these resilient kids and they went on to win their last 3 games and, to their parents' amazement and delight, went undefeated in 4 games to win 1st place in their tournament!

At one point during the final game while I was simultaneously cheering like a mad woman and praying my hardest that the kids would hold on to their lead, it occurred to me that maybe I was taking this all a little too seriously.  After all, it was just a small invitational tournament, not the Olympics.  But then I realized that for the kids (and their parents) the lessons were just the same:  work hard, don't give up, believe in yourself and anything is possible.  And as my husband told the kids:  "It's not important how you begin the season, what's important is how you finish it."

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