Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Less Thinky, More Quilty

So my last post didn't exactly start a conversation, but I did get a few comments and one was actually posted on my blog.  Thank you, Vicki, for your advice, and I think you are absolutely right about "just beginning!"  In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that "Vicki" is my darling and supportive sister.

My husband made his comment face-to-face:  "I think maybe your question was too complex."  I guess he forgot that when I gave him the choice between:  "How do you push through indecision?" and my original question:  "What are you working on?" he said that the former was more "interesting."  Helpful.

Finally, my mom chose to comment over the phone.  She said:  "I don't really experience this problem."  After the few moments it took for my brain to translate her words, I burst out laughing.  I love my mom, but sometimes we don't speak the same language.  She would probably be the first to agree that she is practical and that I'm a major over-thinker; she is disciplined and I'm a procrastinator; she doesn't let anything stand in the way of her forward progress and I can be stopped in my tracks by a single thought.

It never occurred to me that not everyone allows themselves to be sidetracked by indecision.  And in my mom's world, thinking about indecision, much less writing about it, is a waste of time.  How much more productive could I be if I didn't agonize about such things?  I wish that, in addition to a love of pumpkin pie, a lust for fabric, and a penchant for white wine; I had inherited my mom's practical way of thinking, but I didn't.  Thank God she is there to hold the mirror up to my face from time to time.

So please accept my apologies for my last post.  Disaster.  I'll leave the comments enabled and if you'd like to comment, feel free.  I'll try not to use this blog as a substitute for therapy in the future (but I can't make any promises). 

And now I'd like to make an addition to my list of New Year's resolutions (can you do that in February?).  It's a variation on one suggested by my daughter (see "New Year's Resolutions" post) and a combination of the wisdom of both my sister and my mom.  I'm hoping it does the trick.  Ready for it?

"Less thinky, more quilty."

Oh, and by the way, I'm going with the blue batiks.

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