Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recovery

I love Thanksgiving -- delicious food, time spent with family, and it's the kick-off of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is fun and festive without the pressures of Christmas.  But today is the Monday after and with a sick child at home, there is no way for me to escape the aftermath.  I just strolled around my house to assess the damage.  Here's my Thanksgiving recovery by the numbers:

1 is the number of turkey carcasses waiting to be taken to the dump -- love living in the country.
2 is the number of pounds I gained over the holiday thanks to the...
3 pies I consumed -- with help, of course.
4 weeks until Christmas -- ARGH!!  Nothing to do with Thanksgiving recovery, just a moment of panic.
5 is the number of days it's been since I've done more than the bare minimum of housework; therefore...
6 is the number of hours of bed-making, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and, best of all, bathroom cleaning I estimate I have ahead of me.
7 loads of laundry await me on the laundry room floor.
8 is the number of hours of sleep I desperately need to compensate for my Thanksgiving average of 6 thanks to turkey gravy performance anxiety and early morning hockey.
9 is the number of plastic containers of leftovers in our refrigerator that I have to deal with -- somehow pureed vegetables have lost their appeal.


10 is the number of new Christmas fabrics sitting on my cutting table, calling my name, waiting for me to play with after I recover from Thanksgiving. 

Bring it on!

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  1. Love your countdown and the fact that it ends with fabric. Have fun with it.


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