Friday, November 9, 2012

Rosebud - Free Pattern

Just in time for the weekend I'd like to share a link for a free pattern for my quick and easy "Rosebud" table runner.  The pattern is currently a "Web Extra" for Quilters Newsletter's December/January 2013 issue. 

I originally designed this quilt with fat quarters in mind, but it can be made with standard 1/4 yard cuts of fabric or scraps you have on hand at home.  If you'd like to make it with fat quarters, you'll need 5 -- 2 cream and 1 each of a rose, medium red, and dark red.  Two yards of green fabric will be enough for the blocks, borders, backing, and binding.

The "rosebud" blocks are a variation on a log cabin block.  They are simple and so much fun to make.  And with only 12 blocks and a quick strip-pieced checkerboard border, you can easily knock this table runner off in a weekend -- that is if your husband agrees to cook dinner and do the laundry and drive the kids to their activities and do the housework and...  Ok, it might take a couple of weekends, but it is a piece of cake. 

Red not your thing?  Try this quilt in different shades of plum or periwinkle or go crazy and make a garden of many colors of rosebud blocks.  Whatever you decide, have fun and happy quilting!


  1. nice that they chose your pattern to include in their magazine; too bad they left out the sub-cutting dimensions of the strips!!

    1. Quilters Newsletter writes their patterns a little differently. The subcutting is the, "12A, 12B, etc." listed after the strip cutting. The dimensions for the A, B, etc. shapes are at the end of the pattern on page three. Hope that helps!


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