Friday, January 22, 2016

Eye Candy

I'm working away on this unbelievably beautiful winter day, but I wanted to take a moment for a little show and tell.  I've just received one last Christmas present.  It's something that I picked out for myself and even though I used gift certificates from my family to buy it, it feels like a major splurge.

No, it's not jewelry or a new handbag or a new pair of boots -- although I did recently get a new pair of boots that actually make me feel like a better person.  Who knew?!

It's even better.

It's a fat quarter bundle of Kim Diehl's latest fabric collection Sunday Best, and it is AMAZING!!!

Here it is tied up in a sweet ribbon compliments of Fat Quarter Shop -- they do such a great job with their packaging!

Here's the flip side...

I had to force myself to untie the ribbon for a closer look.

Here is the dark side of the bundle...

And the lighter side...  Have a favorite?

I cannot imagine taking this bundle apart to pre-wash it, much less cut into it!

Here are the darks and lights side by side...


And here's the entire collection fanned out.

Be still my beating heart.


  1. Very pretty! I'd be hard-pressed to choose the dark or light side; love them both! I recently treated myself to a fat quarter bundle too; Janet Clare's Nocturne colllection. I tentatively have a pattern selected for it. What will you make with yours? Anita in Wisconsin

  2. Beautiful fabric!

    I love your quilt in the current issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects!

  3. Thanks for your comment, Anita! I love the Nocturne fabric too! Same colors as Snowman Gatherings II but modern -- yum! I don't have any specific plans for the Sunday Best. My quilts are typically pretty scrappy, so I think I'll roll the fabric into my stash and it will end up in a bunch of different projects. Have fun! Jen

  4. Hi Jackie - Thank you so much for your comment about my Home is Where the Heart Is quilt!! I had so much fun making that one -- definitely a labor of love! Take care, Jen


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