Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Vacation by the Numbers

Last week was my kids' spring vacation.  My husband could only take one day off, we have a trip planned for June, and the weather was supposed to be beautiful, so the kids and I decided to spend the week at home.  I imagined a week of relaxation and play, interspersed with a bit of spring cleaning, a touch of gardening, and a lot of quilting.  Needless to say, the vacation didn't exactly go as planned.  Let me give it to you by the numbers:

Baseball/lacrosse practices:  7
Orthodontist/hair appointments:  4
Tacos consumed by 9 12-year old boys at son's birthday party:  60
Playoff games watched by the hockey obsessed men in my life:  10
Hours spent redecorating 13-year old daughter's room:  5
Hours spent looking for the perfect lampshades for 13-year old daughter's room:  6
Trips to hardware and craft stores for supplies for redecoration of 13-year old daughter's room:  7
Windows washed by me:  25
Fingers somehow injured during washing of 25 windows:  1
Hours spent icing finger injured during washing of 25 windows:  2
Pairs of shorts tried on by sons during a "quick" shopping trip:  19
Pairs of shorts tried on by daughter during said shopping trip:  5 (go figure!)
Pairs of shorts tried on by me during shopping trip:  0
Pies baked for cookout with friends:  2
Hours spent cleaning for cookout with friends:  4
Hours it took for the house to go back to normal after cookout with friends:  1
Articles of husband's clothing ironed:  15
Loads of laundry washed:  11
Loads of laundry folded and put away:  3
Baths for our puppy Casey due to mud season:  8
Times Casey ran away to the neighbors' houses:  6
Branch arbors built with husband:  1
Nails bent during construction of branch arbor with husband:  78
Colorful expletives used by husband during construction of branch arbor:  153
And finally, hours spent quilting:  0

BUT today my husband is back at work, the kids are back at school, Casey is napping, and it's raining outside.  At long last, time to quilt...


  1. Love It! You're so funny and I completely relate. Love to hear about the branch arbors....

  2. Number of relatives reading this blog that think you are amazing? 3 (Memere, Aunt Sue, Michelle)


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