Monday, October 10, 2011

"Apple Blossoms" free pattern

Well, it's Columbus Day, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Monday.  The kids are home from school, I woke up to find the phones dead and the internet connection not working, and it's sunny and 75outside.  Seems like a good day for a short post.  To compensate, here's a link to a free pattern for one of my quilts.

It's called "Apple Blossoms" and it's a table runner that I designed to accompany an article I wrote entitled "Zen and the Art of Binding."  The article was featured in the June/July 2011 issue of Quilters Newsletter, but the free pattern was a web extra and it's still available.

"Apple Blossoms" features super simple piecing, embroidery, and rough-edge appliqué.  I came up with the idea for this quilt while binding another, but it was really inspired by the first chartreuse leaves of spring and the blossoms on the apple tree in my front yard.

I made the double-sided apple blossoms by fusing together scraps of pink fabrics.  After I cut out the blossoms, I attached them to the quilt using french knots.  This gives the quilt added dimension and texture -- in other words, it's fast!  With handling, the blossoms fray ever so slightly giving a shabby chic look that I really like, but if it doesn't work for you, you can give them a quick trim or try making them out of felted wool.  Have fun!

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