Saturday, December 10, 2016

Oops - Quick Correction for Merry and Bright - Day 5

Notice anything wrong with this little house?

Argh!  The door is in the wrong place.  The above house should look like this...

It's a subtle difference, so subtle in fact that I didn't pick up on my error until yesterday morning as I went to post Day 5 and AFTER I had assembled my entire quilt top!!!  NOOOOO!!!!!!

I frantically remade a new house block yesterday and updated the photos, but I missed an error in the instructions for assembling the main house unit.  Thankfully my mom picked up on it!

In my original post, which you may have received by email, I incorrectly wrote that area A6 was the door and should be covered by a third print 1½" x 3" rectangle because, when in fact area A5 is the door and should be covered by a third print 1½" x 3" rectangle.  Area A6 should be covered by a second print  1½" x 3" rectangle.  The instructions are now correct on my Day 5 blog post, but I thought I should mention my little mistake just in case you're working from an emailed version of the post.

Here, again, are the correct instructions for paper piecing the main house unit:

Area A1 is the window and should be covered with 1—print 1½" x 2½" rectangle.
Areas A2, A3, A4, A6, A7, and A8 should be covered with patches of a matching print in the following sizes (I'll refer to this print as the "second print" and it should be different than the print that you used for the window(unit A1)):
  • A2/A3—second print 1½" x 2½" rectangle
  • A4/A6—second print 1½" x 3" rectangle
  • A7—second print 1½" x 4½" rectangle
  • A8—second print 2¼" x 3½" rectangle
Area A5 should be covered with 1—third print 1½" x 3" rectangle

I'm hopeful that you're getting this update on time or that you picked up on the error on your own.  If you went by the picture of the green house that I posted yesterday, you should be all set!

And now, because I can't live with it, I've got to go rip apart my entire quilt top all because of one tiny green door.  Don't you just love quilting!!!


  1. Thank you for the correction! Sorry to hear that you had to rip your quilt apart. (Hate it when that happens!)

  2. Hi Jen
    thanks so much for the correction! I didn't have time to sew until today and just saw your post! I am sorry, that you have to rip off your quilt! This happend already several times to me too...grr. (not with your great blocks though)! Hope you have an easy go with redoing and wish you a lovely 3rd Advent, hugs Martina

  3. I thought I was reading the instructions incorrectly, so I followed your pictures. However, when I looked at the photo I took of my blocks, I see that I made one of the doors red, and it should be green! But that will be an easy fix today. Love these sweet little blocks!

    1. I'm glad you followed the picture! That's how my mom picked up on the error. And I'm happy you like these blocks--I think house blocks are so much fun!


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