Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Merry and Bright - Day 4

Wednesday already (yikes!) and Day 4 of the Merry and Bright Christmas Quilt-along!

Today we're making gift blocks!

For your gift blocks, you'll need:

12—assorted print 2¼" x 3¾" rectangles (6 sets of 2 print rectangles each)
6—assorted print 1½" x 3¾" rectangles
12—assorted print 2¼" x 2¼" squares (6 sets of 2 print squares each)
6—background fabric 2¼" x 2¼" squares
6—background fabric 2½" x 2½" squares cut once diagonally from corner to corner to make 12 triangles
12—background fabric 1½" x 2½" rectangles

We're paper piecing again today, with a two-unit foundation pattern that looks like this:

We'll be making the bow units separately from the box units.  You'll need to print 6 two-unit foundation pattern sets.  Click here for a pdf of the foundation pattern.  Your bow unit foundation pattern should measure 1⅜" x 3½" from darker innermost line to darker innermost line (1⅞" x 4" from outside line to outside line).  Your box unit foundation pattern should measure 3⅛" x 3½" from darker innermost line to darker innermost line (3⅝" x 4" from outside line to outside line).

I included detailed instructions for paper piecing in my Day 3 post, so I won't repeat them today, but please refer back to them if you need to.  The block may be different today, but the technique is the same.  

Paper Piece Gift Blocks:

Before you start sewing, take a moment to sort your assorted print fabrics.  For each gift block, you'll need a set of 2 matching 2¼" x 3¾" rectangles for the gift box sides and 1—1½" x 3¾" rectangle and 2— 2¼" x 2¼" squares of a matching print (but different from the gift box sides) for the ribbon in the gift box unit and the bows in the bow units, respectively.

Here's a photo of the print sets I gathered before sewing:

Paper piecing the bow units:

Cover the bow unit areas with the following patches:

A1—background fabric 2¼" x 2¼" square
A2/A3—print 2¼" x 2¼" square
A4/A5—background fabric 1½" x 2½" rectangle
A6/A7—background fabric triangle from 2½" x 2½" square cut diagonally

Here's a sample of a completed bow unit.

Paper piecing the box units:

Cover the box unit areas with the following patches:

B1—print 1½" x 3¾" rectangle
B2/B3—print 2¼" x 3¾" rectangle

Here's a sample of a completed box unit.

To make a gift block, stitch one bow unit to one box unit as follows:

Carefully remove paper from behind gift block and press seam allowances towards box unit.

Repeat to make 6 gift blocks measuring 4" x 5" unfinished.

I love these whimsical little blocks.  Instant happiness!

And because I can't get enough of these gift blocks, here's my Boxes and Bows table runner that I made with larger gift blocks and a charm pack of Kate Spain's yummy "North Woods" fabric.  You can find the free tutorial for this fun quilt here at the Moda Bake Shop.

Have fun making your gift blocks!  If you're posting photos of your blocks on social media, tag me @jendalyquilts (#merryandbrightqal)—I'd love to see your progress!!

See you back here Friday for Day 5!


  1. Hi Jen
    your blocks are absolutely adorable and I so enjoy my Advent sewing!
    Hugs Martina

    1. I'm so happy you're having fun with this, Martina!! Me too!!


  3. These are just too cute! Thank you....


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